Most of the artwork samples seen are available for purchase, except those marked as sold. Once sold, the pieces are not made available again for resale except to the original client.

The majority of my work is commissioned.

If you wish to have one of your own images considered for artistic alteration, please send an Email to indicating that you will be uploading an image to the site address listed below. Include as much information about the file as possible.

The address, created specifically to receive digital images up to 100 MB is HERE. Please use this address only to send your image files. Image files must be in either jpg, jpeg, or TIF format. Do not send BMP or other file types.  You file may have issues which prevent it from being properly resized according to your needs. You will be notified if my software is unable to correct image issues. Your copy will not be harmed in the process.

Not all images are suitable for the various artistic applications at my command. You will be notified if there are challenges that may either be corrected by you or that will simply not be able to be artistically modified.  The larger and clearer the original, the better the artistic alterations.

All other considerations regarding your image and what possibilities are available will be discussed in Emails. Once a style and medium have been chosen, i will only work within the scope of the agreed upon parameters. No changes.

Artwork typically takes up to three weeks to complete and charges are commensurate with my prices but cannot be given until I know the size and platform for the piece. 

Packaging an Shipping are separate matters not within the control of the artist. Materials are typically sent UPS for tracking purposes and delivery times are set by UPS, not by the artist. You will be informed as to when the piece has shipped.

Please recall that current workable formats for any piece are canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood, and tile (when available.) Other mediums are under investigation and will be added as they become available. 

If you have any additional questions prior to engagement, please fill out the Contact the Artist form within the link provided in the Menu.