Plucked out of an orphanage in Germany, I've made the most of my opportunities. I hold advanced degrees in Music, but in these latter years, I am enjoying another artistic pursuit. The creation of Large Format Digital/ Non Digital Artwork based on client supplied photography, thus personalized for home or business.

Surfaces range from canvas to metal, from tile, to wood. Prices vary according to size, materials and costs of shipping.

How this Process Works:

Typically, a client will Email a photograph (if digital, the larger the better) along with a description of what the client may like in terms of style and surface, as well as dimension. The largest pieces (if the original digital image is at least 10 MB may be created as large as 40” X 60” or more. Proofs will be emailed to the client for approval before rendering a final work.

Time from Beginning to Completion

Depending on my schedule of work and travel, and factors such as size and final destination, a work of art typically will take up to six weeks to complete. Shipping destinations are a significant challenge in terms of protecting the artwork and allowing for special processing and must be included in terms of total time for completing a project. Of course, tracking of shipments are always available through the carrier so once the artwork is in transit, it will be possible to track the shipment.


Atwork is guaranteed to have left shipping in an undamaged state. A declared value will be assigned to the piece and will require a charge for insurance. This charge is quite reasonable when dealing with carriers such as UPS. USPS. Any damages occurring during shipping will be dealt with as necessary through the carrier.

Complex pieces such as those utilizing electronics are guaranteed through my processing facility and are warrantied according to manufacturer’s guidelines as to electrical components life expectancy.

For additional information, Email .through the contact page.